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The basics in Android App Promotion

Posted on November 27, 2015 in Mobile

Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system. Its gaining android_promotionpopularity in the US and its hugely popular in the developing markets, meaning that Android has gained a huge user base round the globe. As a result the Android app business has boomed in the last few years . Its huge popularity means a new developer now will find it difficult to find his feet among millions of apps, that Google Play already has. A new app will most likely get lost on the app store, within thousands of new apps that are fighting for popularity. However a developer can be proactive and make his/her app stand out with proper optimization and promotion.


Time is essential so don’t wait to start marketing after you finish you app – the marketing process should ideally start while the development is going on. Start with the basics i.e. set up a website and create pages on social media sites. Make sure that the pages/website are attractive and appeals to the users. Moreover you can write articles, guest posts, and reviews about you app on related websites and blogs. Also don’t forget to create a short video and upload to Youtube , Dailymotion etc.


After the development is complete and your app is approved by Google play , it will have its own page on the Google Play store. You need to make sure that you put in a proper description with the right amount of your keywords in it and really attractive screenshots. Screenshot come a long way in helping potential end users of your app to make up their minds and install your app.


After the launch on Google Play it can get really difficult to get the initial installs and reviews to make your app standout. The installs and reviews are really crucial. Most people downloading apps take into account the reviews of the app by other users. Google will also keep a tab on how many downloads and reviews you are getting in the first few days. If your app gets a good number of downloads and has good reviews it stands a very good chance to be on Trending, Best Selling or Staff Picks section.


To help in getting the installs and reviews ask your friends, colleagues and family to give 5-star ratings to the apps, and tell them to ask their friends to do the same. On the other hand you can also buy installs and reviews from a large number of service providers out there. Recently I have used www.caag.net to buy some install and reviews and believe me they are really good. After the initial boost given by them my app is now receives a lot of organic installs daily .